Saturday, February 21, 2009

Capitalism is the Mother of Reinvention

For so long we have been discussing about the economic recession and its impacts.

Every now and then we witness such a correction, we consistently speculate the "End of Capitalism is here". I used to consistently disagree with this approach. Because according to me

"Capitalism Re-invents Itself"

According to me, at this moment all the companies are back to the place where they were during their formation. This is the place where Capitalism starts to grow but with a different approach.

Initially in 90s companies used Mass Production mechanisms, this mechanism got huge responses and companies upgraded their methodology to this kind of manufacturing.

But as we know world is ever changing and improving in all aspects of life which get explored from time to time, Sakichi Toyoda, Founder of Toyota Motors along with Ohno, invented a new methodology named as Lean Manufacturing(Also known as Toyota Production System).

This technology was better than its rivals and hence got immediate recognition. This mechanism is based on elimination of waste in mass methodology.

New companies which came up after Lean was invented used it.

We can see GM and Ford used Mass Production and hence are today Bailed-out, but Toyota still is standing firm.

So in the post what I meant to say is that, after this recession the companies require a revival of their internal structure and various other processing mechanisms which they are using at this moment.

Doing this, it would revive the definition of modern day capitalism and make it more modern and immune to previous mishaps.......................


Shaurya Srivastava said...

Very well written.....It seems to be true that "Capitalism re-invents itself".....Well done Vinit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey cool ... although I cud'nt make head or tail of it for most part ;)

Atleast you are keeping urself busy with something constructive, this trimester sucks big time

Keep going !!!!!

Pallavi Singh

Shaurya Srivastava said...

Ya....I completely agree wid u Pallavi......Biggest Bore of all time......Anyways you r still in your home.....we can't get even that pleasure of living wid our family.....

Divine Interception said...

Pallavi welcome to CTS,

this post was basically meant to gather all the information of various processes one can use in restructuring an organization..

So there may be some places where the post may have left its flow...

Such kinda faults will be corrected next time...