Thursday, April 23, 2009

World Bank - India and China crusaders of Global Economy

Firstly it was IMF and now its World Bank................

Yes you got it right!!

CHINDIA is now backed by the worlds two most important institutions- International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The eptome Bank on Thursday in a press release said

According to their reoprt of the World Development Indicators,

According to the reports, initially the emerging economies used to contribute 36% of global output in 2000, it has now increased to 43%, the difference has been highly compensated by CHINDIA, upto 5%. The contribution has been significant from our side. Also to say was the Investment in BRIC countries. It increased by 50% from 2004(present stats).

Looking forward in near future, more than 80% of the concentration of KPO will be in CHINDIA out of which 70% will be influenced by India. Looking at the latest advances and recession, India is hoped to increase the count of 7 in Fortune 500 significantly in near future.

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