Friday, April 24, 2009

Worst and The Best Chief Executives(CEOs) ever

Known well for their business acumen, Software czar Bill Gates, legendary investor Warren Buffett and Apple's Steve Jobs have been named in American best ever known CEOs.

The list of '20 Best CEOs' complied by US publication Conde Nast Portfolio is topped by auto maker Ford Motor's Henry Ford, while financial services major J P Morgan's J P Morgan has cornered the second place.

Bill Gates has been named in one of the most strategically influential people of all times because of his clear-cut decisions and ability to adapt to conditions.

Oracle's Lawrence J Ellison has emerged as the highest paid chief executive in the US with a pay packet of USD 556.58 million in 2008, approx. He was followed by Ray Irani, the Chief Executive of Occidental Petroleum has a stipulated compensation of USD 222.64 million.

Seeing an Indian perspective Indira Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo. has been included in the top 500 CEOs ever.

Comming to the darker side:

In times of recession many countries have been hardly hit, some even getting Chapter 9 or 11 Bankruptcy, in the race were the biggies like Lehmann Brothers and Citi Group. Others included Wachovia and Bear Stearns. Known as the Crusader to Titanic-like giant CitiGroup, Indian born, Vikram Pundit was unable to stear down the title and has been included in 'Top 20 worst CEOs'. The CEOs were lead by Lehmann CEO, Dick Fuld.

According to the report, Salary of Indian-born is about 1$ in contrast to last years 38.2 million USD.


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