Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Intermediate Time Period - In Vicinity

In my previous post I have emphasized primarily on the development methodology and working of a the XYZ Company. I am highly satisfied with your response and hence would continue analyzing the Company further. I would appreciate further assistance from the readers.

Coming on the topic, having a stream-lined batch flow is a very good approach looking at the straight way of producing with a predefined and processes to follow. This kind of approach gives a very well structured and organized way for production of goods. This leads to optimization of production capability and experience of workers.

Above saying is truly seen from Macro point of view, going on a micro sense we can analyze the way the production take place. This kind of Streamlined development leads to a very high level of production optimization.

Also this approach has an important advantage of knowing the stages of production process, this helps in analyzing the prototype produced. This can be used in optimizing the the prototype which will be then used as input in the next process.

Going on the Research phase, at micro level having a very inflexible and rigid process flow it is very difficult to change the process flow and hence optimization takes place compromising the effectiveness it may have produced when a process slot may have been replaced. The system at macro level looks very structure and organized, but in micro sense this leads to a very huge amount of cost as the byproducts produced are discarded. This is due to the fact that utilizing them may require process deformation, which is highly discarded as well as discouraged.

But changing the production methodology is also not done in this scenario. This would require a huge training and development of manpower to understand and implement the new methodology.

hence the companies tend to use the same methodology, but try to optimize the other resources so as to cut the cost. This started by using the technique of Bulk-buying. Here a company used to buy raw materials in bulk. This used to decrease the total cost of purchase. This lead to a very high, fast and sophisticated process development where a large capacity was input and output was in huge masses. This process yielded good results but the main problem of By-products was still prevailing.

Would emphasize on the other important properties in my next blog.

Do comment if u like the approach and do keep reviewing and helping me in this work.


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