Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Older Scenario Part I - Production Strategy

We always have come across the same kinda rules when forced to follow.

The same is the situation with the Corporate World. The scenario can be well explained with our resistive nature to change the path we are following even if the new path may provide a cost-cutting way. That is why Change Management has always been given epitome importance while restructuring(once in a century or even scarce) the company.

Changing the methodology of working involves one of the most daunting task to educate the internal customers(employees) about the new system and its methodology.

Having a several hundred years of existence,the Technique was known as the Mass Production, which was then highly simplified and implemented by Mr. Henry Ford the technique is also know as division by labor. Manufacturing companies started using a fresh new technique to provide a strong impetus to production and processing.

In this technique, always there was a streamlined-batch flow of data(goods as inputs) to produce outputs. The scheme got immediate recognition, as before this the production took place using some Ape-Intellectual Methods. These were random methods with less to do with certainty, usefulness and predictability.

After advent of Mass Production the total input cost decreased by a huge ratio, taking in consideration the historic method used. The most important advantage was the advent of Machine Age replacing the long practiced Manual Production. Also the output at a certain stage was highly known due to the rigidity and inflexibility of the process.

Having a clean and precise flow, the input went through several stages of and several workers, each assigned their own task with one depending on the output provided by his immediate predecessor. The method used to be rather irrelevant where one used to depend on other for input leading to rather most vague BATCH feeling. This is because this production process is highly inflexible and hence it is difficult to alter the design or production process. Also the yield is highly finished in nature, making it hard to make changes the output. Also this lead to wastage of some goods in form of by-products to say.

Companies have been wasting their resources and benefits which could have been used in some other work.

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